The internet is a vast, fast moving enviornment. It's unpredictable, and keeps on moving no matter what happens. Everyone's experience with the internet is different, some may have faster or slower speeds. But either way, both users have places to get, sites to visit, and lives to life. This is similar to the fast pace life that is public transportation. Cars zoom and speed all throughout the streets, similar to users surfing the web. Sometimes so fast you can't even see what's happening. But at those moments when you can, the sight can be so beautiful.

the internet is filled with many paths, up down, left right... similar to roads.

here we have a website being worked on

a view of a very busy website.

the internet is fast paced.

the internet is fast paced and complicated.

sometimes the internet doesn't make sense at all.

and sometimes you can get a close glimpse of just what the web is browsed with.

rare, fast, optical fibre internet speed

but sometimes when it isn't so chaotic, it can be beautiful.

here are the many destinations of which we search the web, places we feel comfortable.

but sometimes the vast depth of it all can be overwhelming.

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